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Helping schools build their capacity to support students with autism and challenging behaviors to achieve sustainable success in inclusive settings


Progressive Inclusion LLC was created as a means to bridge the gap between the public school setting and alternative placement options for students with autism and behavior challenges.


With over 15 years of experience serving individuals with autism across the lifespan, Dr. Rachel Wright Jones is a dedicated teacher, researcher, instructional coach, and creative problem solver dedicated to increasing opportunities for meaningful inclusion for all students. 


The mission of Progressive Inclusion LLC is to help schools build their capacity to support students with autism by directly working with students and staff to develop programming, implementation plans, data collection and monitoring systems that will improve educational outcomes in inclusive settings. 

School-Based Services

Initial Consult

Initial consultations are offered to School Districts to better understand the situational specifics and needs. This service is complimentary and can be done by phone, video call, or in person

Support to Staff

Traditional consultation services which may include observation, suggestions & feedback, support with behavior plan development, and specific instructional coaching to staff

Transition Support

Transitions are often tricky for both students with autism and school staff and unexpected obstacles arise that need timely troubleshooting. Whether transitioning to a new building, grade, or space, a well-planned and organized transition will help get all of the necessary supports in place and pave the way for meaningful progress and inclusion to occur

Intensive Push-In

For student situations involving a reduced school day or the possibility of considering alternative placements. Intensive direct services are provided to both the student and the staff to help re-establish behavioral, social, and educational programming, rebuild relationships, and regain pathways to sustained progress and success in school.

Professional Development

Progressive Inclusion LLC offers a variety of professional development opportunities to schools on current issues and topics.

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We understand that each district, school, staff, and student situation are unique in their configuration and needs. Tell us about your situation and we will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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